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July 30, 2012


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Burning Low

No words can describe this episode...
At least no words that are hurtful and criticizing.
This episode.
Is definitely.
My favorite.
I don't need to explain what this episode is about.
We all already know.
Okaay so Pen decided to play a little game by making it look like PB was all jealous of Finn.
Turns out, she wasn't jealous at all.
She didn't want Finn and FP to be together for sake-of-the-earth kind of reasons.
But damn was this episode seat-edge worthy.
I was bouncing just waiting for it to come on, I've been waiting so long for it, as others have...
And being a huge FxFP shipper, I couldn't really control the boingboings.
Every second of this episode was just mind-blowing, heart-warming and teeth-chattering.
My mouth dropped multiple times, and I even sounded like a mouse at times. XD
Especially at the part when Finn completely lost his temper, and started yelling at Princess Bubblegum, about how he used to be in love with her, and now that he's in love with someone else, she's just trying to ruin it for him.
Even Jake was yelling at Bubblegum, telling her that Finn deserves to be happy and she should be ashamed of herself.
Although the disappointing thing is, I instantly figured out that PB wasn't jealous, she just didn't want the world to end, when she came in and started lecturing them about relationships.
But that made me wanna slap Jake and give PB a hug, which is weird.
Then hurrhurr, Princess Bubblegum finally gets the chance to explain the reason she doesn't want them to be together is because Flame Princess is 'physically unstable' and if she were to endure a kiss from Finn, she would uncontrollably burn through the crust and the molten core, and bounce around the gravity and whatever else thus destroying the earth.
And Jake is just kind of standing there like: :iconsadnessplz: Oh...
So they charge to find Finn and FP... and... even tho we all knew at that point the dangers of this happening... they kissed.
Finn and Flame Princess kissed on the lips.
I was so happy, and scared at the same time.
It was a very strange combination of emotions.
This hasn't really happened to be since Busted Cart.
This really hasn't happened with me in an Adventure Time episode recently, either.
I can't remember the last time I was bouncing off the walls during a new Adventure Time.
Not that Adventure Time isn't interesting, but it takes a lot to get me hopped up, and this episode got me pretty damn hopped up. XD
But yeah so they kiss and then, like PB said, Flame Princess fell through the ground much to Finn's despair
Finn sees Jake and uses his arm as a bungee cord, and goes down after Flame Princess, who is unconscious sitting in probably a single layer of crust above the core, which obviously wasn't bothering FP but Finn was burning up, but he stayed with her anyways.
I squealed at that part, too.
Finn awakens FP by kissing her more... and this wasn't really just a kiss, it was a freaking smooch.
Like serious love story going on here.
It lasted longer than a second, unlike most kisses on this show, and it was just... really special.
Another reason it was special is because Finn has never really given a kiss like that before.
He has only received kisses, never gave.
And he gave FP his first kiss.
That doesn't include the moment Finn and PB kiss in "Too Young" because PB kissed him back.
So Flame wakes up, Jake pulls them up, Finn all burned up but is still more concerned for FP, who is alright, and they walk off together.
PB and Jake are just kind of sitting there quietly, and Jake accuses PB of being jealous once again.
Her last words, "shut up," probably fired up a lot of people.
So she was a little jealous after all :iconiseeplz:
Anyways, this episode was great.
The highest form of incredible.
And, are you ready for this, Finn finally has a canon girlfriend.
Thank goodness cause I was about to explode.
Finn is so perfect, it was totally unrealistic for him to be single for so long.
I can't remember the last time Pendleton pleased me so much.
But this makes up for Card Wars, and Dream of Love, and all the other episodes I didn't really find amusing in the past.
Thanks Pendleton.
You made me happy.
The Best VHS In The World
Hmm hmm.
So first we get the best burgers, and now the best VHS.
Jolly good show. :iconrspopsplz:
Anyways, this episode was very good. :la:
Mordecai and Rigby have to find an overdue tape, or else they're either gonna have to pay 1,000 dollars to replace it or have their thumbs broken by the gov or whoever they said broke thumbs.
Rigby seems to have something against VHS tapes.
Either that or he just enjoys throwing and/or breaking them...
Not that I blame him. Because even tho they said all they can watch are tapes, I always hated them.
They never cooperated with me.
I just wanna be like Rigby and go down in my basement and throw VHS tapes around for no reason.
Also, I thought it was hilarious when Muscle Man said, "I'm not gonna play a game that doesn't have balls in it."
Either he thinks he's really courageous, or he's gay.
Or both. :XD:
Wouldn't be surprised if he was gay...
Also, this episode plots another point where I can really relate to Rigby. xD
When he fell on the ground and moaned at the thought of cleaning their room, he reminded me of myself.
I hate cleaning my room.
I also don't understand why they have so many clothes lying around... they don't even wear clothes.
I mean I know Mordecai obviously has a fake mustache and Rigby a pair of glasses, and they both own multiple pairs of tuxedos, but there were sweaters and jackets and pants and all sorts of things.
I guess it's only for the winter. :shrug:
I also thought it was interesting that Rigby was actually able to punch Mordecai and hurt him.
Then again, in the past it was in the thigh or only somewhere he can reach, but he actually managed to punch Mordecai in the face and cause him to attack Rigby right back.
And Mordecai pinned Rigby down again.
Let's see... I said I would start keeping count of how many times he did that, but I forgot.
It's gotta be at least five times now.
Not that I mind, though. :icondontunderstandplz:
Even though Morby is not canon in any shape, way or form, Rigby will be uke no matter what.
Anyways, turns out there's a creepy hobo goblin-type thing who lives in a weird cave underneath their house, I assume anyways because they got there through the vents, who has been holding onto the tape the whole time.
This guy is seriously obsessed with this movie, so Mordecai and Rigby talk him into going to the video store and trying some new tapes.
But he just immediately turns around and rents The Best VHS In the World again.
Overall, this episode was epic. Pretty good. And funny. I like funny.
I was very pleased today :iconblushplz:
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oRANGnOTEZ Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The highlight of the episode for me was the Tier 15 part XDD
mysticakez Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oRANGnOTEZ Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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"I have no idea what you're talking about." Haha xD
TheBluWaffle Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Damn it! I missed AT!!!! I did see the regular show though.funny as fudge!XDXDXDXD
mysticakez Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh that sucks :(
TheBluWaffle Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
I know!!!!! I'll have to check it later.
mysticakez Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] Why not now? C:
GamerGal225 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Artist
Burning Low OMG that episode beats all of Adventure Time AND Regular Show COMBINED
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